The Cacatua Trading specializes in the import and export of oil based specialties, such as high-performance diesel, kerosene and aviation gasoline with specified quality, gasoline for sports competitions, special gasoline for the automobile industry and technical laboratories, among others.

The Cacatua, with its extensive network of relationships, it has established partnerships with major international refineries, to provide exclusive and differentiated products, in small volumes and smaller packages.

With agility, efficient logistics process and quality in the services provided, a Cacatua works to meet the individual needs of each client.


– Global relationship with major players;

– Products with advanced advanced techniques;

– Skill in highly complex logistics operations.

Services performed:

    • Fuel Import and Export;
    • Development of technical solutions – indication of product application;
    • Access to the international oil specialty market;
    • Meeting small demands;
    • Optimization of logistics operations for the supply of special goods;
    • Agile and efficient goods import and export process;
    • International Trade Advisory
    • International Logistics and Distribution
    • After sales

Energy Generation Sector

Fuel oil import and export.

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Biofuels Sector

Ethanol and biofuels import and export.

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Petroleum Sector

Petroleum import and export.

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Fuel Sector

Gasoline and diesel import.

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